Express Treatments

Back, Neck and Shoulder massage £25

A tension releasing massage developed to reduce tightness, aches and pains. Specially applied pressure is focused on the neck and back area to relax muscles.

Add hot stones for an additional £5 

Express Epionce Facial £25

Light and refreshing facial treatment. A perfect introduction to Epionce treatments. 

Indian Head Massage £20

A holistic and mind balancing treatment, focusing on the shoulders, neck and scalp. This massage is sure to de-stress in the most relaxing way possible. 

Hopi Ear Candles £15

This ancient therapy could help anyone who suffers from tension headaches, sinus problems or frequent ear problems caused by a build up of wax. It is a soothing and calming treatment, which involves a hollow candle being inserted into the ear canal to remove toxins and blockages from the ears. 

Lower Leg Refresh £20

This invigorating treatment for tired feet and heavy legs helps reduce inflammation and soothe aches and pains. Includes a refreshing exfoliation and a deeply therapeutic foot and ankle massage. 

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